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How does it work?

We selected about a hundred polarizing movies made recently-ish. Every visit you'll see fourty random movies from this list -- of the movies you rated, we'll find the top critics who you agree with the most. We'll also show you the critics you disagree with the most.

How do you find which critics I agree with the most?

We count all of the movies you rated that the critic also rated and calculate the percentage of movies you both agree on from that total. Some critics are more prolific than others -- while one critic may have agreed with you on 10 movies, they may also have disagreed with you on 10 other movies. (In this case you would have a 50% match) We factor both sets of ratings in when finding your match -- ultimately a critic who agrees with you the most often will be shown as your highest match. Because it's not a perfect science, your second-highest match will be the critic with the greatest number of rankings that agreed with yours, regardless of the number of movies you disagreed on.

I haven't seen most of these movies...

If you tap "Rate different movies" on the results screen, we'll show you 40 more movies and combine your ratings from both rounds to find your critic matches.

Why are the results different each time?

Every visit you'll rate a different set of movies. Not all critics have reviewed the movies you rate, but you'll be matched with ones who have.

Why isn't my favorite movie on this list?

Maybe it's not polarizing enough, maybe it doesn't have enough official reviews by top critics. Listen, my husband made this list so take it up with him.

Where's the data from?

Decaying Potatos? Wait that's not it... In any case, data was fetched late October 2020.

Who can I blame for this?

This is another novelty site by Eleanor, but it was inspired by her cinephile husband, so I guess you can blame them both.

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